I run on caffeine and Lotus biscuits, and so does this magazine. If you would like to support the magazine, then have a coffee with us!! We can chat, watch the rain pour down outside (you can match the weather to the window because it can’t rain everywhere, right?), drink our coffee and talk all things happy and queer.

But, really, where would your money go? Well, other than fuelling the Editor-in-Chief, donations would go towards maintaining this site. Unfortunately, domain names can be expensive and what has already gone into the magazine is self-funded. Donations would cover all the technical pieces, such as running this site, the software used to create each issue, and any other possibilities for this project.

Also, due to the new-born nature of this magazine, it means that I cannot pay contributors at this time, which is a thing I am wishing to change. Whilst I look into funding options that aren’t exclusive to my own money, donations can make this possible.

So, if you wish to donate and watch with confetti flourish with flavour and love, then please consider donating here.

Other ways of supporting

Other than donating, you can help support this magazine in other ways. You can spread the word by sharing this site, following us on twitter, and sharing with your group of friends (we always find each other, right?).

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