For the moment, it is just me.

Melody. Editor-in-Chief. Designer (with help from friends, because computers scare her). Book hoarder and lover of Callie Torres, Bucky Barnes, & Munroe Bergdorf.

Melody is a queer writer and publishing hopeful. She lives and works in the UK, surrounded by books and book-minded people. She went to Falmouth University and has a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. And, in September 2021, will be studying Children’s Publishing at Bath Spa University, a promising Master’s course that will help her develop her skills so that young queer folk will feel less alone.

It’s hard to talk about yourself in the third person, isn’t it? I hope I did okay. I would have mentioned imposter syndrome, but if you follow me on twitter, that’s all you would hear about. I wasn’t sure if I should mention so much of myself, display myself for all to see – but, if I can’t do it, how can I expect other queers to?

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